Best Work From Home Jobs


If you want to earn full-time or part-time income, you can grab one of the Best Work from Home Jobs

Working from home is the hottest topic at the moment.

It is the next best thing you can do given that many companies are still closed due to COVID19.

Some businesses are likely to continue working from home past the COVID-19 pandemic to lower operational costs and to enhance efficiency.

Research indicates that stay at home jobs shall continue to grow and become the new normal in many industries.

Advantages of working from home

No wasting of time

The time you normally use commuting or conducting office meetings is used constructively when you work from home.

Higher productivity

Statistics indicate that people working from home are 13% more efficient than their office counterparts.

Happier and easier life

You will find more happiness working from home while taking care of your family. Modern internet technology makes it easier to communicate with colleagues and share files effectively.

Lower operating costs

There is no need to pay for office space since your home is your office. No need to pay for snacks, just eat with your family. You don’t need office supplies either.

Work with anybody

Working from home opens you to the world. You can hire or be hired internationally and deliver results from the comfort of your home.

The list can go on and on, but you already know that stay at home jobs are beneficial.

If you want to make money doing part-time or full- time online jobs, this is the perfect opportunity to get started.

This article brings you the best work from home jobs for serious employees and independent contractors.


Look for remote jobs online

The most natural thing to do when looking to line is to look for a work from home job.

Best-work-from-home-jobsYou’ll go to your favorite browser and type in the words “remote jobs”. If you are more specific, you could search for something like “the best work from home writing jobs”

Note that in the second query, you are specifically looking for remote writing jobs.

What if I told you that there are good places that aggregate all remote jobs in the world?

You won’t waste your time going to search engines any more.


Work from Home Jobs for Contractors

You can work from home as an independent contractor at your own flexible schedule. In this case, you report directly to the client without any intermediate employer.


Best places to find work from home jobs

Job Boards

The following websites list legit great work from home jobs:

Flex Jobs





Power To Fly

Remote Ok


Skip the Dive

Stack Overflow

Virtual locations

We Work remotely

Working Nomads


Freelance websites that provide work from home jobs

You may also check out the following websites for jobs in your field of specialization.





Blogging: You can make money from home through Blogging

Blogging has a potential to earn you $0 to $150,000+ monthly.

To start a blog, you need to follow the following easy steps:

  • Choose an easy to monetize niche that you are passionate about. For example, you may decide to blog about money, fitness, weight loss, productivity, web hosting, fashion, politics, etc.
  • Buy a domain name from here.
  • Get web hosting
  • Start writing and publishing content
  • Promote your content online
  • Monetize your blog: You can make money from your blog through various methods including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling digital goods, selling physical goods, paid ads and many more.

 Here is the ultimate guide on how to make money blogging.


Affiliate Marketing

Once you have a niche blog running, you can promote other people’s products and earn a commission for each sale that you make. This is called affiliate marketing.

Let’s say your website is on weight loss. If you include links or banners to weight loss products, you will get a commission when your visitors click your links and purchase any product that you are promoting.

To become the most effective affiliate marketer, you need to join these affiliate programs:

Share A Sale Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates

Amazon Associates

Click Bank

eBay Partners

Shopify Affiliates


Ecommerce store business

You can earn from home $0-$10,000+ monthly by creating an online store.

The online store may sell digital products such as PDFs, services, downloadable products, or physical products that can be shipped to a customer.

Instead of opening a physical store, you can use your home to keep inventory.

Best platforms for creating e-commerce stores

Big Commerce


Your own website


Facebook Advertising

As a Facebook ad specialist, you can potentially earn $47,000 per year.

It all depends on the number of hours you work, your experience, the rates you charge, length of ads and the number of your clients.

Your work entails setting up Facebook ads for companies and individuals to attain specific goals such as reaching a target audience, and causing them to take action.

Anybody who has the right skills can become a Facebook specialist. You need the effort and commitment.

Where to learn Facebook advertising

FB Side Hustle Course


Survey Jobs

You can earn $5 to $200 per month taking online surveys.

To earn, you have to register with a survey taking company and participate in a survey task. Surveys aim to help companies serve their customers better. Start earning by completing online surveys now on the following websites:

  •     Branded Surveys
  •     Swagbucks
  •     Survey Junkie
  •     InboxDollars
  •     LifePoints
  •     Vindale Research
  •     Pinecone Research
  •     PrizeRebel
  •     MyPoints
  •     American Consumer Opinion
  •     Panda Research
  •     Opinion Outpost
  •     Survey Club


Babysitting Jobs

You can earn any amount starting from $11 to $30 per hour babysitting.

This is one of the simplest ways of earning money from home since it requires your availability and passion to care for kids.

The job entails taking care of toddlers, preparing children to go to school and picking them after classes, watching over children while parents work.

To get started, you may define the age limits you wish to care for and ask your neighbors if they need help taking care of their kids.

You can also find babysitting jobs on the following websites:


Freelance writing Jobs

You can earn from $30 to $500+ for every assignment depending on its complexity, urgency, experience and length.

The work of a freelance writer is to write topical content for websites, newspapers, publications, blogs and content marketing companies. If you can write but you don’t have a website, the best way to earn is by writing for others. All you need are a few samples of your work and active outreach to land your dream clients.

Here are some great websites where you can earn as a freelance writer:


Writers Work


Robert Half

Creative Circle

Artisan Creative

Be A Freelance Blogger


Even if you don’t know how to write well, you can become a great writer if you are willing to learn.

These online courses can transform you into the best writer in the world:

AWAI copywriting course

Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing


Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistants (VAs) earn about $15 to $75 per hour.

Their main role is to assist businesses to do online administrative tasks such as management of emails, calendars, social media, transcription and customer service.

You can get clients through cold emailing, on job boards, or by registering on freelance websites.

Get virtual assistant’s skills now

To handle your job well as a virtual assistant, you need to take these recommended courses.

Course 1

Course 2


Freelance proofreading jobs

You can earn approximately $50,000 annually depending on your skills, experience, number of clients, type of projects and your hard work.

To qualify, you should have flair for grammar and the ability to identify typos and all manner of writing mistakes.

Where to find proofreading jobs


Best proofreading courses

If you want to break into the field of proofreading, you may require a course in proofreading. 

Proofreading Course

Proofreading Course


Pet sitting Jobs

You can potentially earn $20 to $40 for pet sitting or pet walking services.

The job is good for people who love pets but cannot afford one. You will be paid for walking or sitting somebody’s pet.

If you love walking dogs or sitting other pets, you can register with a service such as Rover, that connects pet sitters and pet owners in your neighborhood and get paid gigs.


Web design jobs

You can earn approximately $50,000 per year doing web design jobs based on your rates, number of clients and quality of services.

With the current digital revolution, you can make money as a web designer by creating professional websites for clients.

To get started, you need to acquire web design skills and have some knowledge and experience with various content management systems, programming languages and creation tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can propel you to greater heights in web design.

Learn these web design courses online and start making money.


Social media management jobs

You can earn $15 to $120+ per hour managing the social media profiles of individuals and companies.

The job entails creating social media profiles, responding to messages, managing fan pages and groups, creating posts and articles, running ads, and responding to comments.

To get started, you should choose your favorite social media platform and acquire the skills, become an expert and then start working for clients.

Get social media management skills here:


Work from Home Jobs for Employees

Online Teaching Jobs

You can earn more than $30,000 annually if you become an online teacher.

Many schools and learning institutions have now embraced online education.

Whether you have a teaching license or not, you can make money if you can teach online.

You need internet connection and a video medium to get started. For instance, you can use online applications like Zoom and Skype to conduct your lessons. Furthermore, you may record your lessons in advance and upload them to the learning portals. The most demanded lessons include science, math and languages. You may also create lessons on online learning platforms and make a kill.

Where to get online teaching skills


Where to work from home as a teacher



Online tutoring Jobs

You can earn more than $15 per hour.

If you have a knack for flexible teaching jobs, you can consider online tutoring jobs.

As a tutor, you can set the number of hours you are available. Basically, you control the amount you earn without creating any lesson plans.

Many online tutoring marketplaces provide the teaching materials and the lesson plans so that you only focus on helping the student to understand.

Where to get online tutoring jobs

Education First



Transcription Work from Home Jobs

If you can convert audio and video content into written text, then you can earn $10 to $30 per hour working as a transcriptionist.

Your work involves sitting, taking a cup of sweet coffee while listening to media files and writing down. You need to understand the accents in which you transcribe.

Since transcription is highly technical, you need to have excellent listening and typing skills to succeed.

The good thing is you can learn and acquire the skills fast.

Where to find transcription jobs







To begin your transcription career, you may need to acquire skills by grabbing one of the following transcription courses. course

Medical Coding

Medical coding jobs can earn you a cool annual income of approximately $60,000.

It is a work from home job that entails reviewing of the medical records of a patient on behalf of a medical practitioner. In essence, your work will be to help medical practitioners in billing patients and insurance companies correctly.

To start earning money as a medical coder, you need training, skills and certification.

After acquiring the correct skills, you can apply for remote medical coding jobs or work on a part-time basis.

Where to learn medical coding


Virtual nursing

A virtual nurse earns about $61,000 annually.

To become one, you need a diploma or a degree in nursing from a reputable college or university.

Your work entails helping patients over the phone or through video conferencing.

As a virtual nurse, you’ll monitor the vital signs of patients remotely and communicate with doctors in virtual command centers. The work also involves advising patients online and telling them what to do.

Where to find telemedical jobs

You can search online for available virtual nursing jobs or apply to the following hospitals and health centers.


Call center jobs

Working as a call center agent can earn you $30,000 to $40,000 annually.

The work of a remote call center agent entails receiving and making phone calls. The agent also provides customer care services, sales, after sales customer support, telemarketing and other assigned duties.

You can become a part-time or full-time call center agent and work from home at your most appropriate time.

Where to get virtual call center jobs jobs

To get work from home call center jobs, search online or apply to the following companies.


Customer service jobs

The job has potential annual earnings of $28,000.

Many large companies such as Apple hire remote customer care representatives to answer customers’ questions and to attend to any concerns, complaints and inquiries.

To become a customer care representative, you’ll get on-job training from the company offering the job.

Companies offering remote customer care jobs


Remote Amazon Jobs

Amazon is the largest ecommerce business in the world. The company hires diverse remote workforces whose annual salary ranges from $29,000 to $70,000 depending on the type of job, skills and experience.

You can earn money working as a customer care representative, data clerk, supply chain manager and so on.

When applying for Amazon remote jobs, you should read carefully and apply to positions that give you the flexibility that you need.

You can apply for hourly, part-time, or full-time jobs on Amazon Virtual Locations jobs page.


Search engine evaluation jobs

You can earn approximately $37,000 annually as a search engine evaluator.

Your daily activity involves assessing search engine results for the search engine that employs you to enhance user experience.

Although search engines rely majorly on algorithms to deliver search results, they also employ people to authenticate search results and evaluate their users’ experience.

To work as a search engine evaluator, you need to have adequate research, analytical and communication skills.

Where to find search engine evaluation jobs

On websites of individual search engines.


Data entry jobs

You can earn $27,000 annually working as a data entry clerk.

This work from home opportunity requires you to enter data as required.

You may need to possess computer skills and skills in specific data handling software such as MS. Excel, SPSS and many others depending on the type of data entry job.

Companies will hire you for your ability to input data accurately into a system, to transfer data, or to update existing records.

Where to find remote data entry jobs


Insurance claims investigation jobs

As an insurance claim investigator, you’ll earn approximately $47,000-$66,000 annually for a full-time job.

Your job entails researching and investigating claims made by insurance policy holders before payment is made.

The job may entail movement to conduct interviews and collect pieces of evidence.

You require excellent communication, analytical, research and interview skills to succeed in this position. To enhance your abilities, some companies provide on-job and continuous training.

Where to find remote insurance claims investigation jobs


Test proctoring jobs

You can earn an average of about $12 per hour as a test proctor.

Your role is to verify the identity of the person taking an examination and monitor the exam from start to end to avoid cheating and maintain examination integrity.

You can do test proctoring from a remote location using a webcam, a high-quality camera and a microphone.

Where to find online proctoring jobs


Translation jobs

As a translator, you can pocket about $49,930 to $90,000 annually.

You can do remote translation jobs from any place. To succeed as a work-from-home translator, you should be fluent in at least two languages.

You can offer translation services in your industry or niche depending on your expertise. For instance, you can offer professional, technical translation services for organizations, individuals or the government.

Where to get remote translation jobs


Wrapping Things Up

There are many work from home jobs that can earn you a meaningful income. Your choice depends on your willingness to commit your time and effort to get started. Some remote jobs pay more than others, while some take longer to deliver returns. The best time to work from home is now. Choose one or a few methods and get cracking. Soon, you’ll have financial independence.


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